Polish-English Translation and Proofreading

AngloPolonia: a Polish/English network of language professionals

AngloPolonia is a network of freelance Polish and English translators, editors and proofreaders cooperating to provide high quality translations which are fully checked by a native speaker of the target language. We specialize in providing high quality translations for publication in medicine, the life sciences, other academic fields, business documents and tourist promotional material. We regularly cooperate with renowned academic and medical institutions, tourist development organizations, publishing houses and private companies.


Our translators are highly qualified specialists in the field. Each of our translations is checked for any mistakes or unnatural language by an experienced proofreader who is a native speaker of the target language. We always keep to the deadline, and remain open to the client's questions. As we are a network of freelancers, we can keep the fees reasonable by avoiding the unnecessary overheads of running a translation agency. More details on translation.

Proofreading and editing

If you prefer to have the text translated yourself, you can have it corrected by us to ensure that it is error-free and sounds natural to native speakers. Our proofreaders and editors are all native speakers of the target language with years of proofreading and editing experience. More details on proofreading and editing services.

Specialist copy editing

For correction and improvement of texts intended for publication in scientific journals we provide specialist copy editing services by experts in the field. For details of biomedical editing services, see here.

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